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What kind of multi-media teaching machine is? Easy to use?

September 18, 2020

At present, multimedia teaching is increasingly popular, multimedia technology has been widely introduced

into the classroom teaching form. As a new and advanced teaching mode, multimedia teaching can improve

students'learning interest and increase the teaching credibility in class. It is advantageous for students to

understand and master abstract concepts, theorems and formulas, enhance students'learning interest and

improve classroom teaching efficiency.

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Multimedia teaching has a clean and hygienic teaching environment to reduce dust pollution. Dust pollution

has a huge impact on teachers and front row students. The dust-free chalk used in class is not really dust-free.

Teaching one machine as the name implies is used in teaching, very practical, now the national schools have been

replaced by teaching one machine. Now the general teaching machine in conjunction with the push-pull blackboard

or push-pull whiteboard to use, its own teaching machine also has electronic Whiteboard, you can touch the machine

writing. There are traditional projectors, now just need to cooperate with a video booth can be displayed on the video

booth, direct transmission to the teaching machine. Also teaching machine will distribute the corresponding teaching

software can synchronize textbooks, simulation experiments. Make the class more lively. Teaching one machine with

computer motherboard and Android motherboard, you can switch at will. Need to query some extra-curricular knowledge

points, you can search on the spot, usually need to play video or teacher lesson preparation ppt, you can directly U Disk

examination put on the teaching machine directly open, really can let the teacher save a lot of links, let the teacher class

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