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Advantages of multimedia teaching

September 18, 2020

At present, multimedia teaching is increasingly popular, multimedia technology has been widely

introduced into the classroom teaching form. As a new and advanced teaching mode, multimedia

teaching can improve students'learning interest and increase the teaching credibility in class.

It is advantageous for students to understand and master abstract concepts, theorems and formulas,

enhance students'learning interest and improve classroom teaching efficiency.


Multimedia teaching has a clean and hygienic teaching environment to reduce dust pollution.

Dust pollution has a huge impact on teachers and front row students. The dust-free chalk used in class

is not really dust-free.


Multimedia teaching reduces the dust pollution, so that teachers and students have a clean and hygienic teaching

environment. The benefits of multimedia teaching using multimedia technology in classroom teaching, not only can figure,

text, sound, image into one, so that teaching and learning activities become more colorful, it can stimulate students'interest

in study, turn hard study into pleasure study, at the same time, it can promote their thinking development and enrich their imagination.

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