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TFT Brightness 450 Cd/M2 Face Recognition Infrared Thermomete

TFT Brightness 450 Cd/M2 Face Recognition Infrared Thermomete

  • High Light

    digital ir infrared thermometer


    lcd infrared thermometer

  • Input Voltage
  • Brightness
    450 Cd/m2
  • Viewing Angle
  • Material
    TFT LCD Display
  • Product Name
    8" Inch LCD Display For Body Temperature Measurement
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  • Application
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  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 pcs
  • Packaging Details
    Standard export package
  • Delivery Time
    10-15 working days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    100pcs per Month

TFT Brightness 450 Cd/M2 Face Recognition Infrared Thermomete


8" Face Recognition Algorithm IPS LCD Display for Human Fever Temperature Measure and Testing With Base Plate

Quick Points:

1. Fast termperature access control ,face recognition ,accurate termperature measurement.

2. 8-inch IPS LCD display is adopted,industrial appreance ,water proof and dustproof design,stable and realiable.

3. Large capacity of face libray,20,000 faces,1 million recognicon records,20,000 snapshot photos.

4. support 3W face database. 1: 1. The comparison recognition rate is over 99.7%, 1: n comparison recognition rate is

  over 96.7% @ 0.1% false recognition rate is over 98.3% @ 1% false rejection rate in vivo detection

5. The speed of face recognition is less than 1 second.

6. Abnormal interlligence warning ,no contact is safer recongnizable by wearing a mask.

7. It adopts industrial level binocular wide dynamic camera, infrared and led dual compensation at night.

8. Using industrial binocular wide dynamic camera,night infrarred and Led double compensation.

9. One meter away,body temperature measurement,when you pass through the door,they can perform face recognition ,

  and at the dame time measure the temperature


Name Dynamic Face Recognition Time Attendance Detector System
Height 1.2-2.2 M, angle adjustable
Distance 0.5-2Meter
Viewing angle Vertical ±40 degree
Founction Support 3w face datebase and records

Reponse time

less than 300s
Record time less than 500s
Face angle 30 degree
Working temperature 0-50 degree
Camera Binocular camera supports live detection
Effective pixel 2Mega pixel,1920*1080
Min. lux Color 0.01Lux @F1.2(ICR);B/W 0.001Lux @F1.2
Alarm output 1channel relay output
uSB port 1USB port (Can be connected to ID identifier)


Face recognition temperature access control is a access control terminal based on face recognition algorithm and infrared

thermal imaging temperaturemeasurement algorithm, including infrared temperature detection module, LED fill lamp, camera,

face recognition area,8-inch high-definition display,traffic status display, temperature status, MAC address limit, date display,

metal shell, network connection indication area, etc. .

Infrared measuring temperature face identification/entrance card validation and intelligent machine key record face, in and out of time,

temperature,identity/entrance card information, for the office building, factory, campus, wisdom, parks, residential communities,

shopping mall places provide more rapid, convenient and safe temperature screening and personnel statistics, avoid cross infection

caused by line temperature measurement, abnormal personnel information also can effectively track the temperature.For example,

in densely populated areas such as airports,railway stations, subways and so on,

Product application:

Such as the intelligent AI temperature measuringand passing system can realize rapid temperature detection

without waiting in line, thus increasing the efficiency of peers, through the system, the medical

staff can view the temperature imaging, temperature data and information of the staff in the hospital

in real time on the computer, which reduces the risk of cross-infection between the medical staff and

the medical staff In the cell inspection,the company Punch Card and other needs to measure the temperature

or confirm the information of the scene, with the help of the system can also ease the pressure of staff.

The advantages of the one-piece temperature measuring machine:

The face recognition one-piece temperature measuring machine is compact in shape, can be quickly deployed in public places,

and can replace the operation of manual hand-held temperature guns.The "non-contact" temperature measuring operation can

be realized with an accuracy of 0.2 °C. At the same time, temperature data can be transmitted in real time back-end management

platform, once found high-temperature objects, the system will automatically alarm,has higher efficiency than manual temperature

measurement. In addition, it can detect the temperature of people coming and going in the public area,and at the same time, it can

carry out face mask intelligent recognition.