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Face Recognition 450cd/M2 Lcd Infrared Thermometer

Face Recognition 450cd/M2 Lcd Infrared Thermometer

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    digital ir infrared thermometer


    lcd infrared thermometer

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    LCD Panel/Laptop Screen/LED Module
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    TFT LCD Display
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Face Recognition 450cd/M2 Lcd Infrared Thermometer

LCD Time and Attendance Management Guarding Gate Temperature Test Indoor Face Recognition Machine

Quick points

1. Using thermal imaging to detect human body temperature;
2. Detect the human body temperature is higher than 37.3 ℃ (customizable temperature value) automatically alarm;
3. Local storage of 10,000 face database;
4. Use RGB and live dynamic binocular camera;
5. Support serial port, Wiegand 26, 34 input and output;
6. Fast recognition speed: (a) Face tracking and detection takes about 20ms, (b) Face feature extraction takes about 200ms,
7. Face comparison takes 0.2ms (1000 people library, average for multiple recognition), 0.5ms (10,000 people library, multiple recognition.




Panel type 8” LCD display
Display size 476.64×268.11mm(W*H)
Display scale 16:9
Backlight type Patented LCD backlight modular assembly + constant current source drive assembly
Resolution ratio 1080*1920
Display color 16.7M
brightness 1500cd/m2 It satisfies the clear image display in the direct sunlight environment
contrast 800:1
Viewing Angle 178°(H) / 178°(V)
The response time 5ms
Color standard PAL/NTSC/SECAM
Service life 60000hours
Camera Industrial binocular wide dynamic camera night infrared and LED double compendation
Size 118*268*1070mm
Working environment temperature range -35℃--------+55℃
The noise <55dB
Protection grade IP55
Service life 50000H
MTBF(average trouble-free time) 40000H
Power supply DC power and battery
Charging time 6hours
Working temperature -35℃~55℃
Storage temperature -35℃~60℃
Working humidity 10%~90%
Store humidity 10%~90%
Sense way Infrared sense
Protective glass Special 6mm AR laminated glass
Appearance of the color Silver, grey, white, customizable color
Shell material Galvanized steel plate + outdoor special baking paint
Product certification ISO9001,3C,FCC,UL
The net weight 109Kg
The power input AC100V~240V
The power consumption ≤360W
Standby power consumption ≤3W


As the saying goes: "There are no rules, no radius". Usually a more formal company will have a perfect company charter and strict discipline,

because this is the link that maintains the normal operation of a company.Mercedes intelligent temperature measurement face recognition

machine breaks the traditional time and attendance management, opens up the management concept of modern enterprise management,

the application of multi-dimensional mode, the design of multi-directional thinking. It also brings a new type of human resource management

into the daily operation of the enterprise.

Three core functions of the LCD Guarding gate temperature test indoor Gate Access

1. Face recognition: Built-in database, which can perform real-time comparison of captured faces locally, generate a log of the comparison result,

and upload it to the background database

2. Access control: Based on the face recognition results, control the access control switch to realize personnel management of the control area

3. Body temperature detection: The device has a built-in body temperature monitoring module, which can perform body temperature monitoring at

the same time during face recognition to obtain body temperature related data

Yuanda's face recognition and body temperature screening program helps companies build the first line of defense for pneumonia prevention

and control!

What are the advantages of the infrared temperature measurement face recognition verification terminal integrated machine?

1) The speed of manual temperature measurement is too slow, and personnel have to wait in line to measure the temperature of the forehead gun;

(2) People who use handheld thermometers to measure temperature are at a higher risk of infection, and once infected, it is easy to cause mutual


(3) The collection of personnel identity information and body temperature registration data is slow and difficult to summarize, which requires a lot

of labor costs;

(4) All the personnel wear masks, it is difficult to identify the true identity, and it is difficult to trace the entry and exit of personnel and records.

Dynamic recognition function;

Time and attendance management Machine can be used offline and connected to the network, one computer can be connected to 16 face cameras,

or multiple computers can be used online, the software includes functions such as adding, modifying, deleting, querying, attendance, and visitors.

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