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CCTV LCD Video Wall 65 Inch Split Screen 3.5mm Digital Signage 700cd Brightness

CCTV LCD Video Wall 65 Inch Split Screen 3.5mm Digital Signage 700cd Brightness

  • High Light

    samsung video wall


    wall screen monitor

  • Panel Size
    65'' DID Lcd Video Wall
  • Brightness
  • Resolution
    HD 1920*1080
  • Install
    Wall Mounted TV Wall Screen
  • Espect Ratio
  • Dimension
  • Place of Origin
    Shenzhen China
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    Cartoon box with bubble then wooden case safe package
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    5-15 working days
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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CCTV LCD Video Wall 65 Inch Split Screen 3.5mm Digital Signage 700cd Brightness


CCTV LCD Video Wall 65 Inch Split Screen 3.5mm Digital Signage 700cd Brightness



1. Use DID panel


The unique DID (Digital Information Display) panel technology has become the focus of attention in the display industry. The revolutionary breakthrough of DID panel lies in ultra-high brightness, ultra-high contrast, ultra-durability and ultra-narrow-edge applications, which solves the technical obstacles of liquid crystal display in public display and digital advertising signs. Generally speaking, the brightness of LCD screens used in televisions or computers is only 250 ~ 300cd / m2, and the brightness of LCD screens with DID panels is as high as 700cd / m2 and the contrast ratio is as high as 10000: 1, which is twice as high as that of traditional computer or TV LCD , Three times the average rear projection. Therefore, professional LCD monitors with DID panels are clearly visible even under strong outdoor light.


2. High brightness


Compared with TV and PC LCD screens, LCD splicing screens have higher brightness. The brightness of TV or PC LCD screen is generally only 250 ~ 300cd / ㎡, while the brightness of LCD LCD splicing screen can reach 700 cd / ㎡ (46 ″). 3. High-contrast DID LCD screen has a contrast ratio of 3000: 1 (46 ″), It is more than double than the traditional PC or TV LCD screen, and three times that of general rear projection.


3. Image processing technology


The LCD splicing screen can clearly reproduce low-pixel images in a Full HD display; de-interlacing technology to eliminate flicker; de-interlacing algorithm to eliminate "aliasing"; dynamic interpolation compensation, 3D comb filtering, 10-bit digital brightness and color Enhancement, automatic skin color correction, 3D motion compensation, non-linear scaling and other international leading technologies.


4. Better color saturation


The color saturation of ordinary CRT is only about 50%, and DID LCD can reach 92% high color saturation. This is due to the color calibration technology developed for the product. With this technology, in addition to color calibration for still images, Color calibration can also be performed on dynamic pictures, so as to ensure accurate and stable picture output.


5. A wider perspective


PVA (Patterned Vertical Alignment) technology is the "image vertical adjustment technology". With this technology, the viewing angle can reach more than 178 ° (horizontal and vertical).


6, better reliability


The ordinary LCD screen is designed for TV and PC monitors, and does not support continuous use day and night. The LCD splicing screen is designed for monitoring centers and exhibition centers, and supports continuous use 7x24 hours.


7, pure flat display


LCD is the representative of flat-panel display devices, it is a real flat-panel display, with no large curvature and distortion.


8, ultra-thin narrow edge design


With its unique design and exquisite manufacturing process, the LCD splicing unit has a qualitative leap from the previous DID LCD splicing screen unit, which can bring perfect visual enjoyment to the splicing user. The 3.5mm 65-inch LCD splicing screen is unilaterally spelled. The seam is only 1.75mm.


9, uniform brightness, stable image without flickering


Because each point of the LCD splicing screen keeps that color and brightness after receiving the signal, it does not need to constantly refresh the pixel points like the CRT. Therefore, the LCD splicing screen has uniform brightness, high image quality, and absolutely no flicker.


10. Splicing method is optional


The number of LCD splicing screens can be arbitrarily selected (row (m) × column (n)), and the size of the screen also has multiple options to meet the needs of different use occasions.


11.Flexible and variable mosaic display combination function


The LCD splicing screen installation can be personalized according to the requirements of different users, and select single-screen display, full-screen display, arbitrary combination display, image roaming, image overlay and other functions.


12, advanced screen parameter college functions


For the LCD splicing wall, there may be parameter inconsistencies between the LCD screen and the driving circuit. The DID LCD splicing wall system has the function of adjusting the brightness, contrast, chroma, and white balance. After debugging, the parameters are automatically saved to ensure the entire splicing screen. Color consistency and brightness uniformity.


13, environmental health


Compared with rear projection (including CRT rear projection, DLP, etc.) splicing walls, LCD splicing screens have less heat, no radiation, no flicker, no eye damage, and no harmful substances (such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and chromium) , Is a new generation of environmental protection and health splicing wall.


14. Longer service life


The life of the backlight of LCD splicing screens used by ordinary NB, PC and TV is 10,000 to 30,000 hours, while the life of the backlight of ultra-narrow LCD splicing screens can reach


LCD Panel specification:

SAMSUNG LTI650FN01 Application Details


Basic Info

Basic Info Panel Brand Panel Model LTI650FN01
Diagonal Size 65" Model Alias  
Panel Type a-Si TFT-LCD , LCM Storage Temp. -20 ~ 60 °C
Pixel Features Pixel Format 1920(RGB)×1080, FHD Dot Pitch 0.124×0.372 mm
Configuration RGB Vertical Stripe Pixel Pitch 0.372×0.372 mm
Mechanical Size Display Area 1428.48(W)×803.52(H) mm Outline Dim. 1432.58(W)×807.62(H) mm
Bezel Opening 1428.68(W)×803.72(H) mm Outline Depth 39.3 (Typ.) mm
Outline Features Form Factor Flat Rectangle Orientation Landscape / Portrait
Aspect Ratio 16:9 (H:V) Videowall Seam 4.1 mm (Active to Active)
Holes & Brackets Side mounting holes, Rear mounting holes
Other Features Weight 13.5/14.2Kgs (Typ./Max.) Surface Antiglare (Haze 3%), Hard coating (2H)
Optical Details
Basic Information Brightness 700 cd/m² (Typ.) Contrast Ratio 4000:1 (Typ.) (Transmissive)
Viewing Angle 89/89/89/89 (Typ.)(CR≥10) Optical Mode S-IPS, Normally Black, Transmissive
Viewing Direction Symmetry Response Time 8 (Typ.)(G to G) ms
Color Performance Chromaticity Wx:0.279; Wy:0.292 Color Numbers 16.7M/1.07B (8-bit / 8-bit + Dithering)
Color Temperature 9972K Uniformity 1.54 (Max.)(9 points)
1931 Color Gamlt NTSC Ratio 72% sRGB 98% coverage
Adobe RGB 75% coverage DCI-P3 75% coverage
Rec.2020 54% coverage



sRGB (Rec.709, BT.709), Rec.2020 (BT.2020)
Frame Frequency 60Hz
Reverse Scan No
Power Consumption 82.1W (Typ.)
Power supply AC 110V - 240V, 50/60HZ
Storage Temperature -7 to 65 Celsius degree
Normal Working Temperature -5 to 65 Celsius degree


65-inch LCD splicing screen (3.5mm patchwork 500 brightness) Application scenarios:

I. Information display terminals for transportation industries such as airports, ports, terminals, subways, highways, etc.

2. Financial and securities information display terminals

3. Commercial (bar, KTV, real estate sales center), media advertising, product display and other display terminals

Fourth, education training / multimedia video conference system, conference room

V. Smart dispatching room, video monitoring, control room, radio and television, large-scale studio / performance venue

6. Military, government, city and other emergency command systems

Seven, mining, energy security monitoring system

Eighth, fire control, meteorology, maritime, flood control, transportation hub command system

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