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The 5 functions and 6 features of the teaching touch one machine

March 27, 2021

The function of Touch Board Teaching and meeting Machine:


software interface has a clear teaching directory, can achieve the corresponding multimedia teaching functions.

2. Courseware management software: built-in background resource management software, used for effective management

of teaching courseware, courseware storage and playback.

3. Provide product usage training materials, including software usage, hardware maintenance, etc. .

4. Teaching and learning resources: a full set of primary, junior and senior high school teaching resources and Quality Education

Resources; support the current mainstream format files and various formats of pictures, audio and video, etc.

5. The inner cooling windows are provided with dust-proof measures to ensure the normal operation of the system for a long

time without being influenced by chalk dust under the existing teaching conditions.

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The characteristics of the integrated teaching and learning machine.

1.High Definition: Support 1080P high definition video streaming;

2. High Reliability: Support 24-hour non-stop play, industrial-grade high-standard power supply, long-term play without downtime;

3. Function complete: Support Handwriting Input, support TV function, Support Remote Control Switch Signal;

4. Touch support: Support 10 touch, and multi-threaded processor, multi-people at the same time, can run smoothly;

5. SOFTWARE FUNCTIONS: Support Handwriting, Electronic Teaching Commonly used graphics, drawing points, drawing lines,

presentations PPT and other functions;

6. Installation: Using reinforced anti-falling rack, and distribution of high-quality wheeled cart, easy to install and move, beautiful and generous.