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24inch desktop self service kiosk

May 3, 2022

5pcs 24inch self service kiosk -one of spain customer order it for testing, actually he already order our 24inch wall mounted kiosk then order this model too.

It is coming with windows OS, with 4G ram and 128GB SSD, CPU is intel i3 4th gen, this is robust machine with very fast working speed.

It is coming with QR/Barcode scanner, supporting NFC/Credit card payment, more flexiable payment ways without cash bring people pleasant payment experience.

A stylish and very functional tabletop kiosk suit every business in every space. kiosks will reduce queue times, meaning more orders through the system, more revenue, and more happy customers - even at the busiest times of the day.


Our spain customer already received 5pcs of kiosk and gave good comment as below:


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